Top Places of Interest In Scotland

There are a lot of great places to visit in Belivat in Scotland. The highlands is a packed with great mystery set against the backdrop of nature. Once you decide to take on the majestic scenery of the place, here are a few of the place you might want to include in your travel itinerary to make it one of the most unforgettable trips you would ever make.

Balmoral Castle

Have you ever wondered how it was like to live like royalty? To have some of the finest things in life such as a castle? When you decide to visit Belivat in Scotland, the Balmoral Castle needs to be on top of your list. This has been one of the residences of actual members of the British Royal Family

Located in Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire Scotland, this estate house is nestled near Crathie village bordered by Ballater in the west and Braemar in the east. Since 1852, it has been called home by royalty and showcases fine architecture and regarded as an A-listed building.

Cairngorm National Park

If you are up for some adventure and you love the outdoors, the Cairngorm National Park needs to have a place in your schedule when you visit Belivat in Scotland. This national park is the largest in all of the United Kingdom boasting of 4,528 square kilometers. To put that into scale, the whole park can fit in two Lake District National Parks and if Luxembourg was put in the park, you would still have space to spare.

The National Park also has some of the highest mountains in the whole of UK. Of the five highest in the land, four of them are right inside the National Park. The Ben Macdui towers among the four at 1,309m while the Braeriach stands at 1,296m. The Cairn Toul gets in third at 1,291m and Cairn Gorm is at 1,244m. It is also nice to know that 47% of the whole park is Wild Land while 49% is protected by European law.

With all these, the Cairngorm National Park gives you the chance to explore the wild which has been a haven of sort for wildlife and other exotic creatures. There are tons of activities to be done such as cycling through the park, climbing up to get a better view or simply walking around to appreciate the park’s beauty at your own preferred pace.

The Caledonian Pine, Alder and Willow, Birch, Rowan, and even Juniper makes up some of the parks native woodland collection which is the largest in the UK. The combination of the Dee, Spey, and the Don rivers ensures that the park is able to provide for all its inhabitants fresh and clean water.


When you want to take a break from nature and experience all the perks and comfort a city has to offer, Inverness is the one place you should definitely include in your trip to Belivat in Scotland. Even with the city vibe, it has all the wonders the Highlands has to offer.