Top 5 Short Hikes in Scotland

Scotland is blessed with the best nature has to offer. From rolling glens to amazing lochs, experiencing nature has never been as easy and as fulfilling as a hike in Scotland. If you are headed on your way to the UK to visit Scotland, be sure to jot these short hikes down to experience the Highlands has to offer.

Stac Pollaidh

The terrain is likened to that of a porcupine with steep gullies and a lot of pinnacles in between. Regarded as one of the most amazing mountains in Scotland, Stac Pollaidh towers only about 613 meters and is rich in sandstone as well as Torridonian. The panoramic view on top is breathtaking and one that will make the short hike worth it.

The hike takes only about three hours where a winding pathway greets you all the way to the summit. Once on top, it would be a good idea to spend some time as you soak in the view. The short hike rewards you with a 360-degree appreciation of nature that includes Suilven and Cul Mor from the Nature Reserve. The ruggedness of the west coast is also a sight to behold.

Loch an t-Siob

This lake remains to be one of the most rewarding hikes in Scotland. The short hike is perfect for first timers and gives you a glimpse of the wild in Jura. As this hike takes you through the moors towards the Ioch, the Jura is one of the most fascinating wilderness and the hike gives you a rare taste of this experience.

Uath Lochans

The Uath Lochans gives you the chances to enjoy four yet small lochans that are sparkling set against a magical woodland backdrop. You have the option of choosing two paths. The easier one which is perfect if you are doing it with family and kids takes you around the water on a boardwalk. The more challenging route os a climb to Farleitter Crag. This gives you a vantage point to see the magnificent lochans as well as the Cairngorms forest.

Bones Caves

As the name suggests, there were bones found in the cave which belonged to a staggering number and variety of animals. From Northern Lynx to reindeer to the Arctic Fox. There were also bones of wolves, as well as brown and polar bears believed to have roamed that part of the country.

The hike takes you only about 4 kilometers and is ideal for newbies and those with family. The three entrances names Bones, Badger, and Reindeer. The path will lead you to a beautiful limestone valley leading up to the caves. It is best to take warm clothing as the weather could change in an instant. Just be careful on the last climb as you cross a steep slope.

Pap of Glencoe

One of the shortest hikes in Scotland is the Pap of Glencoe. There are times where the innocent route gives you a sheer path making it a bit challenging. Once you ascend to the peak, the hill is the perfect spot to appreciate the amazing Ballachulish and Loch Leven.