Scottish Highlands

When people refer to Scotland, they usually have the Scottish Highlands in mind. This is because it is the Scotland that a lot of people have grown to love even in postcards. This is the place that a lot of people have only imagined and seen in movies and books as well as award-winning photos.

The highlands is a great mix of amazing architecture, rich culture and interesting history. All these are set against a backdrop of unsurpassed scenery. The rolling hills and picturesque landscape with the beautiful sky coupled with great food and even better hospitality from the people in the area. 

Scottish Highlands in the past

In the past, there was an evident line that separated the highlands from the lowlands. The highlands then were pretty much dominated by the Gaels and promote their culture and language in the area. On the other hand, the lowlands were the Scottish we know of today.

The line was found from the Great Glen going westward that covers Loch Lynnhe and its islands to Inverness. There are still some remnants of the physical line at present. In addition, there are differences as well with the language and even culture of the highland from the lowland.

Highlands mystery and romance

The highlands have been a big part of people’s fascination with romance and mystery. Over the years, it has been a popular wedding venue for couples. The castles in the area set in the majestic ambiance the highlands have make it one of the most coveted nuptial locations.

The rugged and mysterious mountains, as well as its untouched nature, adds to the mystery of the highlands. It also has quite a number of empty narrow valleys that complements the deep blue lakes that serve as a great home to exotic animals like the Red Deer and the Eagles in the sky.

Mysterious history

The Scottish Highlands also has its fair share of mystery especially with some of its darker history. It has a lot of stories with how its chieftains and the battles, as well as some massacres, occurred in the past. There are even some of these stories that have been turned into movies. One popular story was that in 1692, soldiers massacred a family and over 70 people simply because they did not swear allegiance to the king.

At present, you are sure to have a recharged soul and spirit when you visit the Scottish highlands. The majestic mountains and amazing bodies of water combine for unbelievable views you would never have thought existed.