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This site is dedicated to giving you information about Scotland and the Belivat area. It aims to describe how magnificent the country is and how colorful and rich the history behind it. You will also get to know some of the most famous tourist attractions in the area as well as gaming and casino options in Scotland.

Scottish Highlands

The site will walk you through how a lot of people refer to Scotland as merely the Highlands. One reason behind this is the fact that the Highlands is one of the most magnificent and mysterious places in the world. Apart from being a preferred wedding location, the area gives you first-hand experience on how it is to be in places you only see in photos.

The site will also give you an insight on some of the historical moments in the country. It will explain how lively and vibrant the culture is up to this day as well as how the religion formed over the years. It will also give help you understand how the economy moved and transitioned over the course of centuries.

Gambling in Scotland

The site also helps you appreciate the gaming and land based casinos in the country. It goes through and reviews some of the well-known casinos in Scotland so you have an idea where to head on out to next. It takes a look at the type of machines available as well as games in the main tables. You can also choose to look into online gaming while in the country.

Trout fishing in Loch Belivat

Loch Belivat in Nairn is one of the best places to visit when you want to catch a brown trout. The site will give you some important details on the best months of the year to visit. It also explains some of the rules in fishing like how catch and release are advised especially for trout that is less than 12 inches. This gives the smaller fish the chance to get bigger and populate the area more.

Top 5 short hikes in Scotland

Scotland is best known for its nature and wonder and one of the best ways to appreciate this beauty is taking on a hike. The site will let you in on the top 5 short hikes you can consider while in Scotland. As you could be visiting with family and friends, short hikes are advisable so you can get everyone on the trip regardless of age. These short hikes will take you through some of the most amazing spots and views in Scotland.